BIZ104 Customer Journey Map and Presentation

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Assessment Task

In Assessment 1, you analysed the selected organisation’s current strategy and customer experience through the voice of their customers.

In this assessment, you will conduct further research into the organisation by analysing all touchpoints to compile and present two comprehensive Customer Journey Maps. There are two parts to this assessment:

Customer Journey Map

  1. Continuing your role as the Customer Experience Manager (CEM) for the organisation in Assessment 1, create two detailed current customer journey maps using the provided template, one for each of the customer personas defined in the previous


  1. Create a 5-minute audio-visual presentation showcasing your two customer journey maps to the owners of the organisation to help them understand the current state of the customer experience, customer needs and support future

Please refer to the Instructions section for details on how to complete this task.


Customer Journey Mapping allows organisations to analyse and articulate every touchpoint the business has with its customers. This in turn, enables organisations to know what they are doing well, what they are not and how to improve the customer experience.


In the process of creating/designing the customer journey maps, and during your presentation, you should demonstrate your understanding and application of customer experience concepts and theories learned throughout the modules.

1.       Create two customer journey maps

Utilise the provided template to create two customer journey maps, each corresponding with the two customer personas identified in Assessment 1.

2.       Prepare your presentation 

Whilst the format may vary for your presentation, below is a suggested outline for you to follow (Maximum 10 slides and 5 minutes):

  • Introduction (1 slide) - Introduce yourself, your chosen organisation, and the purpose of your
  • Customer Experience Research Analysis Findings (1 slide) - Provide a brief overview of your Research Analysis findings from Assessment 1 by discussing the main issue that needs to be addressed to improve the overall customer
  • Customer Journey Map: Persona 1 (1 slide) – Present the detailed journey map for persona one identified in assessment
  • Customer Journey Map: Persona 2 (1 slide) – Present the detailed journey map for persona two identified in assessment
  • Conclusion (1 slide) – Using the research, the customer journey maps and critical thinking, present the possible touchpoints and moments of truth, also considering the stages of the journey in each map that might be negatively affecting the customer
  • References (1 slide) - References must be listed following APA

You will communicate your knowledge of customer journey maps effectively, using clear, concise and cohesive language.

Appropriate and creative visual aids or tools can also be used to enhance the presentation's clarity.


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