BSBSTR401 Promote Innovation in Team Environments

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Assessment Task 2 – Case Study

Promote Innovation in a Team Environment – Business Operations & Sustainability

The following Assessment Task use a simulated business called Angel Solutions Australia (ASA). To complete the tasks, you will need to access information, templates, and policies and procedures found on the ASA. Your assessor will provide you with the entire simulated business documents pack.

For this assessment, you will play the role of Michael Torch, Business Compliance Specialist for Angel Solutions Australia (ASA). ASA is a consultancy service providing assistance with compliance, finances, human resources, information technology and other business needs to ensure that businesses have the expertise and support that they need to survive and prosper. You should familiarise yourself with what ASA does, the company’s services and history, its organisational structure and its employees. Ensure that you read the ASA Business Plan to understand the company’s mission, vision and business objectives.

This assessment task consists of two (2) sub tasks:

  1. Innovation in Business Operations
  2. Innovation for Sustainability

Part A: Establish the Team and Develop a Plan of Action

Read the following email and its attachments, then complete the tasks that follow:

§   not meeting strategic goals.Also, it has been identified that there are no formal systems or processes in place to reduce our company’s carbon footprint while ensuring that the organisation meets its overall vision and values. We are facing several issues like the ones summarised below:

§   increased usage of printer paper

§   the increased cost of removal of recyclable waste

§   limits of storage space for printer paper.

I want you to work with the team to ensure that innovation is an integral part of business activities. To this end, I want you to refer to the strategic goals of the organisation, and the operational performance data that I have attached, so you have an understanding of where things stand currently, and where the organisation wants to go.

Please collaborate with your team to deliver a presentation on the workplace innovations & sustainable practices that you believe can be implemented. Please develop a written proposal to accompany the presentation. You will also be required to obtain feedback and reflect on team performance.

Kind regards John Clarke

Governance Manager

Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Phone: 1000 111 222


Strategic Plan Overview.docx

Mission statement: Helping businesses to help themselves.Vision statement: To become Australia’s largest business advocate.

Core Values

Our commitment is to:

§   implement innovation and excellence

§   provide ways to help customers grow, so they are successful

§   empower and inspire our customers

§   behave honestly with respect for all individuals

§   act professionally with our customers, and each other

§   continually pursue new knowledge and share this openly with others.

Strategic Plan 20XX

Strategic objectives for this year include:

§   acquiring five new clients per month

§   maintain a 90% retention rate of our existing customers§   grow our business financially by 25%

§   implement three new services for our clients

§   grow our workforce to support new services and expected growth.

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