CPPREP4123 Manage Tenancy - Short Answer Questions

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ASSESSMENT TASK 2 – Short Answer Questions

Please review the questions below and answer in 200 words / 1-2 paragraphs or less (unless advised otherwise).

  1. List five (5) items that should appear on a property maintenance plan.
  2. Renters must be given a copy of what document by the RRP/RRP’s agent before entering into a residential rental agreement?
  3. During one of your scheduled periodic inspections, you notice that a large crack has developed in the gyprock in one of the rooms. You check photos on file, and it was not there at your last inspection. You contact the RRP, and they ask you whether you think it is a building problem or not. What should you advise the RRP, considering the scope of your knowledge and authority in such matters?
  4. You are completing a periodic inspection. The renter advises you that some areas of the deck flooring seem to be loose when they walk on it. You call the RRP, and the RRP says that they ‘have a mate who is a bit of a handyman’, he will ‘send him around to have a bit of a look’ if you are able to tell the handyman what needs to be done. What would you say to this RRP?
  5. What information must be disclosed to a prospective renter before they sign a rental agreement?
  6. Explain why keeping accurate records is so important for a managing agent.
  7. List two (2) key features of an agency records management system. Think about security, privacy, and how records are located.
  8. List the key types of documents and records that an agency should have in its files for a rental property.
  9. Explain what repair items are considered urgent repairs in a residential rental, and where this is outlined within residential rental legislation.
  10. It has sometimes been said that the role of the managing agent in residential property management is similar to that of an ‘umpire’ or a ‘negotiator’. Explain what you think this means regarding the role of the managing agent.
  11. Explain the difference between ‘assigning’ and ‘subletting’.
  12. Can a renter assign or sublet a rental? Explain the legal requirements.
  13. Explain 2 (two) advantages of an agency having an efficient system to keep rental renewals up to date as each rental expires.
  14. You receive an email from a RRP who has been watching media news reports about rents going up in some areas. Your recent review of the rent for this RRP’s property has shown that you think the property is currently rented out at market price already. Explain 2 (two) disadvantages/risks for the RRP if they proceeded with a rent increase.


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