CPPREP4123 Manage Tenancy

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ASSESSMENT TASK 1 – Multiple Choice Questions

Please review the questions below and select the correct answer, e.g., a or b

1. A scheduled property maintenance plan is necessary because:

  1. it assists to maintain the value of the residential rental provider's investment
  2. it can assist in achieving maximum rental levels
  3. it assists in attracting the best renters
  4. all above

2. You are working in the agency office, and you receive a phone call from a person who is looking to locate one of your renters. This person claims that the renter owes them money. Which of the following should you do?

  1. give the caller the renter’s address and contact details
  2. check the credentials of the caller and if they check out ok, then provide the details of the renter
  3. contact the renter and let them know the details of the call
  4. pay the outstanding money from the renter’s rent

3. You receive a call from the owner of a neighbouring property to one of your rental managements. They want to replace the dividing fence between the properties and ask you to provide the residential rental provider’s (RRP’s) phone number so they can discuss what type of fence to replace the existing with. Which of the following would you do?

  1. give them the RRP’s contact details
  2. ask the neighbour for their contact details and tell them you will let the RRP know
  3. tell them just to go ahead, since it’s a rental the RRP won’t mind what type of fence is put up
  4. ignore the call, the RRP does not like the neighbours or want to replace the fence

4. ‘If there are urgent repairs that the managing agent or RRP has not responded to, the monetary limit that the renter can spend on fixing the urgent issue and be reimbursed by the RRP for is…

  1. $1000
  2. one weeks’ rent
  3. $2,500
  4. there is no set limit

5. ‘Rental renewal patterns’ refers to…

  1. trends with regards to rent increases
  2. trends with regard to renters wanting to redecorate
  3. patterns of when renters are frequently in arrears, e.g., Christmas
  4. patterns that indicate the demand for leasing properties

6. The expiry date for a rental agreement is the date…

  1. stated in the rental agreement as the date the fixed term agreement ends
  2. the renter has to vacate the property
  3. the rental agreement was signed
  4. of the termination notice

7. A rent increase for $50 per week is legally served on a renter. The renter negotiates and the RRP agrees to only increase the rent to $35. This means that a new notice period must be given to increase the rent to $35.

  1. true
  2. false

8. A written notice of rental increase must:

  1. contain the specific amount of the increase
  2. contain the date from which the increased rent is payable
  3. be signed, dated and properly addressed to the renter
  4. all above

9. If a renter wishes to dispute a rent increase, when can they do this?

  1. they cannot dispute a rent increase
  2. they dispute the increase any time after it commences
  3. they can dispute the increase in the first 30 days of receiving the rent increase notice
  4. they can dispute the rent upon receiving the notice or apply for dispute resolution once the new agreement is signed.


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