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Being an international student in Australia, it is important to make decision of whether to go back to our home country or to stay in Australia followed by the completion of the graduation. Whilst I have decided to stay in Australia, thus it is highly significant to make decision of moving to the regional area which is most attractive and feasible for obtaining citizenship in Australia. In order to make the most effective and informed decision, the underlying report has presented quantitative data analysis for assessing the attractiveness of different regional states and territories of Australia. The analysis has been conducted in terms of population, expenditure, income generation capacity and employment prospects of different regional states. Most of the data has been obtained from official sites, such as Australian Bureau of Statistics and Department of Home Affairs (immigration and citizenship). 


My challenge is to make decision of living permanently in Australia after my graduation, by obtaining permanent residency. The key challenge is to obtain residency before expiring of my study visa, so that I can settle down in Australia as a citizen. The decision of staying permanently in Australia has huge impact on my future life and thus it can be considered as precursor of many other decisions in my upcoming life. Therefore, I need to move to the regional area which is most attractive in terms of living, employment and income capacity. 

Aim and research questions

The key aim of this research based report is to make decision about moving to a specific regional area for obtaining Australian residency. In order to address this decision challenge, following research questions are considered relevant;

  1. Which regional areas are suitable to move in terms of expenditure and population?
  2. Which regional areas are attractive in terms of income generating capacity?
  3. Which areas have more employment prospects and number of jobs?
  4. Which regional areas have high migrants’ streams and are considered welcoming for diverse communities?

Analysis of data

In order to make decision regarding suitable regional state to obtain residency visa, the analysis of quantitative data has been carried out which is obtained from Government’s official sites.


The analysis of population in table 1 shows that New South Wales is the most densely populated state of Australia, however the percentage change in population as compared to previous years is highest for Queensland. While looking at the migrant program outcome by the streams and residency state (presented in the report of home affairs), it is noted that most of the migrants obtain residency from New South Wales. The visual representation can be seen in figure 1. New South Wales has highest proportion of skilled migrant stream, followed by Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia.

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