Strategy Choice or Implementation Report - Assessment item 3

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By fully utilizing theoretical concepts and sourcing at least ten current scholarly resources, complete either 1 or 2 below:

  1. Discuss and evaluate a major strategic decision made by your company (or a company or organisation that you are familiar with) in the past five years. 
  • In the light of your review, do you think that the company acted strategically?
  • Evaluate the suitability of the current strategy. If the current strategy is not suitable, please recommend no more than two alternative strategic initiatives and justify your recommendations.


  1. It is often noted that implementation is the most difficult aspect of strategic management. With reference to your organisation, how might this be the case? 
  • Discuss strategy implementation issues in the organisation.
  • Analysis and critique of the benefits and limitations of strategy implementation in the organisation.
  • Analysis of why implementation might be the most difficult part of the strategic management process in the organisation.
  • Recommendations on how strategy implementation could be enhanced.

In this assignment, you are required to write a 2500 word Report. This includes a 200 word executive summary, but excludes references and appendix.


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