Globalisation - Assessment Task 3: Individual Essay

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Globalisation has, so far, generated significant economic growth globally and improved human rights while contributing to economic inequality, unethical practices and environmental decay. The government has been in a precarious situation to deliver its responsibilities while grappling with the prioritisation of its activities and maintaining a balance between the interests of the people and those of its corporate citizens.

Drawing evidence from your home country, or a country in which you have worked or studied at, please respond to the following questions:

  1. How has the impact of globalisation been on the country of your choice in terms of economic development, poverty alleviation and social protection?
  2. How has the country been affected by ‘environmental degradation' as a result of industrial development and other human-inflicted damages?
  3. How should businesses in your chosen country respond to growing risks and uncertainties in the current global business environment while remaining socially and ethically responsible?

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