SITHKOP002 Project On Plan and cost basic menus

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Based on your current workplace or a venue of your choice in Darwin, write a report that answers the following questions:

  1. Identify the customer profile of your venue or venue of your choice (i.e. what type of customers do you have?)
  2. What are your customer's preferences on your current menu? (i.e. name 2 popular food items)
  3. What are the requests made by customers that are not on the menu?

Part 2
Develop each of the following menu types based on the customer profiles that you have answered in part one:

  1. à la carte - must be seasonal (min 5 entrée + 5 mains + 3 dessert items minimum)
  2. buffet (with 8 items minimum excluding bread, sauces etc...)
  3. cyclical (rotating menu with 9 daily menus to include breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  4. ethnic (create a menu from a different culture e.g. Chinese Banquet, Traditional Greek etc..)
  5. table d'hote (3 courses)

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