Jack Ma's democratic leadership

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Over the years there have been may leadership style implemented by leaders all over the world. Every leader implements the best leadership styles that suites his/her situation and to insure that he/she leads themselves and others to the right path of success. This report aims to present the democratic leadership style of jack ma. Democratic readers are those who have great with their people skills like collaboration and communication ( kumaran 2012, p.105). This report will firstly give a background about Jack Ma, his family and organization. Then the report will analyze jack ma’s leadership approach and give some evidence and examples for the analysis. After that will discuss some challenges faced by him and will show what have been learned from this report, and finally, will give a conclusion for the  report. 


  • Current role and organization:
  • Work history:
  • Educational background:
  • Family background:
  • Industry involvement:

Leadership approach:

Jack Ma’s leadership style can be assigned to a variety of styles such as, charismatic leadership, democratic leadership, transformational leadership and visionary leadership. Ee and Yazdanifard (2015) states that Jack ma used many management styles to find the best need for his company. However, this report will focus on presenting the democratic leadership style of Jack Ma which also known as participative leadership.  

  • Democratic leadership:
    Democratic leaders are those who appreciate the participation of the follower in  discussion and decisions making ( Jakhar, 2017 ). Democratic leaders value the participation and involvement of their followers but still make the final decision. Democratic leaders collect the ideas of all of the group members and at the end they have the final word (Andrew 2015, p.125). In addition, involving more people to participate means that there will be more ideas and suggestions to come up with the best outcomes. Democratic leadership depends on the collective work and information sharing of the members and the guidance of the leader. Moreover, employees feel more encouraged to contribute in the task or project when a democratic leadership is implemented. Furthermore, Workers will be more commitment to their job because of their involvement.

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