NURS3002 Viva Voce Analysis On Advanced Decision Making And Practice

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Assignment 4: Placement Viva Voce Analysis

Introduction (200 words)

  • Mention why the pt came to the hospital.
  • Don't mention your real name or date of birth Instead say Mr. John (Pseudonym) for confidentiality reasons.
  • Write the Patient's history only relevant to the current admission.
  • Mention that consent was taken.

Pathophysiology & Pharmacology

  • Explain the pathophysiology of the diagnosis they are admitted.
    For example, if pt is admitted for a diabetic wound explain what part of diabetes affects wound healing.


  • Mention only the main medications being administered for the reason they are admitted for and mention how these medications are helping to combat signs and symptoms.


  • What tests were performed to diagnose the particular disease they were admitted for how did those investigation determined what was going to be done for the patient eg: A blood test (hemoglobin) for blood transfusion.


  • Provide a rationale for the care provided.
    eg: why speech pathologist in CVA/Why dietician in diabetes


  • Reflect on facilitator's feedback. What were the feedbacks
    How did you identify your development need link to NMBA Standard (at least 1) Mention something about NMBA standard 3

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