Motivating Your Sales Staff

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GROUP EXERCISE 2 – Motivating Your Sales Staff

1. Introduction

The purpose of this report is to combine the practices and theories of organisational behaviour for the critical analysis of the problem situations that would be faced in the chosen scenario. The Group Exercise 2 – Motivating Your Sales Staff is selected for this report. Moreover, the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are first identified and then analysed for motivating the sales staff and developing alternative organisational behaviour approaches for the challenges of motivating the sales staff in the workplace. Thus, this report also addresses that why are there different approaches required for motivating different people keeping the perspective of organisational behaviour approaches and theories.  

The workplace motivation is referred to as something that energises the employees of an organisation so that they can put their efforts and perform the best out of it. So, whenever the employees are motivated, they achieve their high success levels and give the value to the company via their performance (Kotni and Karumuri, 2018). So, it is important to inspire and motivate employees if the business wants to increase the employee productivity and consequently increase the customer engagement. The sales staff is the staff of any business that has the responsibility for the sales (Kelly, Presslee and Webb, 2017). The sales staff possess marketing skills and these skills can be either marketing a product or any service to a general customer or market to the top management of the wealthy and famous company. The employees must be motivated for showing their potential and therefore, several ways are needed to be followed for empowering and enabling the employees to do so as stated by the organisational theory (Arora, Singha and Sahney, 2017). This depicts how important it is to motivate employees, similarly, the sales staff need to be motivated more because they are the profit generators of a company as they are the ones that will attract the potential customers of your company. 

There are some of the behaviours that are expected from the sales staff and therefore, for that purpose, the company has to set some subsequent goals for their sales staff. If the employees are following those goals and providing the desired behaviour, then such type of behaviour must be awarded so that it will continue. The organisation needs to set up a system in order to reward the behaviour of employees that was up to the mark as set by the goals of the organisation. On the other hand, if the sales staff is not performing a behaviour that was expected from them according to the set goals then such issues require tackling them proactively. So, the organisations must foresee the challenges of motivating their employees and design proactive strategies for efficiently and effectively handling such instances. Therefore, this report addresses all these points that are required for the motivation of the sales staff by any business, company or an organisation especially for our retail clothing store named as Threads that has the business strategy of providing high quality products and high quality customer service. 

2. Main body 

This part of the report addresses the main questions that are presented in the chosen exercise of “Motivating Your Sales Staff”. 

2.1 The behaviour you want from your sales staff 

As the field of organisational behaviour focuses on investigating the impact that the structure, groups or individuals have on the behaviour in an organisation with the purpose to apply the knowledge for improving the effectiveness of an organisation. So, the behaviour of the sales staff also has an impact on the organisation (Wood et al., 2016). Being the management team of the retail clothing store named as “Threads”, a certain behaviour is wanted and expected from our sales staff. The details of the behaviour that we want as a management team from our sales team are as follows:  

  • Target oriented: As a management team of a retail clothing store, we expect our sales staff to be target oriented as our sales of the products will be targeted to some limit where we can get enough profit and where we can also reward our employees for their target-oriented behaviour. If we do not train our sales staff to be target-oriented, then they will never know how much work they have to do or how many sales they have to carry. Thus, the target-oriented sales staff will then help our brand to achieve its targeted sales which could not have been possible otherwise without our target-oriented sales staff. In this way, our sales staff will accomplish a specific sales target that is expected from them by the top management and middle management.
  • Courteous behaviour: The courteous behaviour of sales staff refers to being respectful, polite and considerate in the manners. So, having a courteous behaviour of sales staff of any company means that they have the power to attract and win hearts of as many customers as they want. Thus, we also want courteous behaviour from our sales staff because, in this way, we can achieve our organisational goals of more sales and more customer attraction. Moreover, the provision of high-quality customer service is our business strategy which could be only achieved via courteous and polite behaviour of our sales staff.

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