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Portfolio Items - Portfolio 2 (20 Marks)

This assessment will be due by Friday 11:55pm Week 7. Requirements:

Students need to visit a job search site in Australia and look for a Role on Information Technology / Information Systems that would be their target job upon graduation.

Popular job sites in Australia include but are not limited to:-

  • com.au
  • com.au
  • com.au
  • jora.com

In addition to provide link of your selected job, download/take screenshots of the selected positions as some jobs disappear after the due date. This is especially important as you can use the same information for their report two.

Once you find a job of your choice / interest then you need to do the following task

Task 1 (You should write one-page cover letter and maximum 2 page resume) Write a Job Application + Resume

  • Write a one-page job application to express your interest in the position you shortlisted
  • Prepare a two-page resume to support the above job application

Task 2 (Create a Comparison Table)

  • First Column of table should contain the qualities and skills demanded by the job you selected
  • Second Column should include the qualities and skills you currently have
  • Third column should have a list of qualities and skills you don’t have for this particular job
  • Fourth Column should outline how you plan to bridge the shortfall or gap in your skills over the next 24 months (Bullet points are acceptable in this column)
Skills Desired By The Position Skills that I Currently Possess Skills Gap / Shortfall How I Plan To Bridge Skills Gap / Shortfall

Task 3 (Write one-page reflection statement)

  • Students should outline how they plan to bridge the shortfall or gap in their skills over the next 24 months to apply for their chosen job / position. Focus should be on how you will gain particular skills, for example by undertaking certain units within or outside the university, self-study, by undertaking project units or gaining work experience by the internship unit.

Submission details:

  1. Submit the MS-Word file (.doc or .docx file) to Moodle.

Marking Criteria (Total 20 marks)

  1. Task 1 – 7 Marks
  2. Task 2 – 7 Marks
  3. Task 3 – 6 Marks


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