BBUS1DAS Questions On Business Finance - Individual Assignment Part 1

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Individual Assignment - Part 1

Question 1 (6 marks)


a) Review the above statement and discuss the importance of strong corporate governance and ethical decision making to try and prevent such disasters.

  • Ensure you include a short discussion of corporate governance (125 words) and
  • A short discussion of ethical considerations in respect to the APES 110 code of professional conduct (125 words). (3 marks)

b) Discuss whether Boeing’s corporate governance and ethical considerations have been applied in accordance with expectations from regulators and society. Include a reflection in relation to these points as to what you think occurred to cause Boeing to make the decisions they made (150 words).
c) Include 1 past example illustrating the results of poor corporate governance and ethical decision making (not Boeing) to illustrate your discussion (100 words). (Parts b & c = 3 marks)

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