TAELED803 - Assessment Task 2: Develop and Implement Learning Practice

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Assessment Task 2 (AT2): Develop and Implement Improved Learning Practice

Part 2.1: Develop Improved Learning Practices

Following your analysis of the existing learning practices, instructional design and assessment strategy and your discussion with management, complete the following to make improvements to the unit BSBLDR812 Develop and Cultivate Collaborative Partnerships and Relationships.

1. You must complete and submit the following documents clearly showing your improvements to learning strategies, teaching strategies and assessment methods appropriate to the learner characteristics you defined in assessment task 1.

  1. A revised 10-week plan with improved learning practices highlight updated content / activities / tasks based on instructional design principles
  2. A revised Assessment Summary including all changes in the training and assessment strategy for the unit.

Part 2.2 Advocacy for Improved Learning Practices

You are required to present your improvements and feasibility of the proposal for your improved learning practices by writing an email to your manager (trainer). Use the space below

a) Introduce your plans for improved learning practices of the unit BSBLDR812, include the highlights of your recommendations.
b) Actively Seek feedback on your recommendations on the improvements you have suggested and propose your plan to further research improved learning practice.
c) Provide a plan for preparing and mentoring trainers in the implementation of improved learning practices and training techniques that enhance learning and when it would be appropriate to use them. You must include reference to all of the following.

  1. instruction and explanation
  2. questioning
  3. practice
  4. written information
  5. group, pair and team activities
  6. individual activities
  7. demonstration

Part 2.3: Designing and Testing Improved Learning Practices

After having designed, developed and advocated for the improved learning practices for the unit BSBLDR812, you are now to test your learning practice in the real-world environment

The purpose of this task is to provide mentoring to other trainers, by providing them with guidance on the improved learning practice and to test the improvements you have recommended. You will be required to prepare a brief Mentoring Plan and a sample Session Plan before meeting with the trainer.

1. Prepare a Learning Practice Trainer Mentoring plan for the session with the trainer. In the mentoring plan you must include:

  1. Goals of session
  2. Rules
  3. Guidance
  4. Active listening strategy
  5. Providing feedback strategy
  6. Assess progress

2. Prepare a Sample Session Plan; Select one of the areas in the unit to prepare a sample session from the unit BSBLDR812 Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships (10-15 mins) employing the improved learning practices that you have suggested.

You must include the following in your session plan

  1. Class - Learner profiles (assessment task 1)
  2. Objectives of the session
  3. Resources required for this session and include sources of learning materials (books, audio, video, online internet content, libraries, learning software) and the availability of the learning material (how easily can it be accessed by a student)
  4. At least one learning resource (this may include an Assessment / activity / quiz to the class based on the lesson)
  5. Learner Evaluation strategy to determine if the objectives of the session were achieved.
  6. Trainer Evaluation strategy to identify what went well, and any changes
  7. Lesson strategies Outline timing and content and sequence of activities and activity objectives, describe introductory and concluding practice activities, assessments and responsibilities of trainer.

The Lesson Plan & Objective Template (see below) which includes at least ONE form of learning material e.g. trainer slides, assessment/quiz, activity sheet

Part 2.3 OBC 2 (AT2) Test improved learning practices

In the role of the instructional designer, you will present your session to the current trainers of the unit (your assessor will take this role) to test and provide guidance from a mentor perspective to them on your improved learning practice suggestions.

You must

  1. Introduce the purpose of the mentoring session
  2. Discuss the goals and rules of the session
  3. Go through your sample lesson plan with the trainer (remember to ask open ended questions to elicit feedback)
  4. Ask for feedback from the trainer on your improvements.
  5. Make notes of any discussions on the notes section at the end of your Lesson plan and objectives template.

Please log into canvas to access the observation checklist

Read the instructions provided

Once you have read and understood the instructions, please write " I understand and I am ready for assessment"

The assessor will then set up a time to complete this observation and complete the checklist on Canvas

During your presentation you will be observed on your ability to interact and communicate with others. Please review the observation criteria below, including the specific observations.

Oral communication and interaction with others.

1. Verbal and Non-verbal communication
Speaking clearly and concisely using language relevant to the audience which may include:

  • semi-formal
  • professional
  • clearly spoken
  • no mumbling
  • No favoured words
  • Using non-verbal communication to assist with understanding

2. Using active listening techniques to confirm understanding which may include:

  • Maintaining eye contact
  • Repeating what the speaker has said to confirm understanding
  • Asking questions to identify the required information
  • Responding to questions as required

3. Use of questioning skills to elicit information

  • use of open questions to obtain information and seek feedback
  • use of closed questions to confirm
  • use of clarifying questions
  • Take notes on the feedback that you receive.

4. Use of persuasive communication skills which may include;

  • Establishing credibility
  • Tailoring the message to the audience
  • Identifying benefits of concepts
  • Use of positive body language (projected authority, confidence)

5. Specific Task Observations

a) Advocated for the implementation of the improved learning practice by presenting their plans to improve the learning practice with information that supports their argument.

  1. Remained focused on the topic
  2. Kept records of suggestions
  3. Overall Use of appropriate communication skills
  4. The information provided in the meeting on learning practices and training techniques was accurate and appropriate

b) Provided information through mentoring and providing guidance to the trainer
c) Session plan, content, learning resource and improvements supported improved learning practice.

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