Brand Audit Tasks On Contemporary Issues In Marketing Practice

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SECTION ONE : Brand Audit Tasks

Part C 12 Marks
Competitor Insights

To gauge the competitive landscape and current positioning, you are required to measure the main brand competitors in relation to The Co-operative Bank current position in the market. This information can be collected from industry, The Co-operative Bank and marketing information using secondary resources.

Using table 1 on the following page, explain the following:

  1. Three (3) main brand competitors. (3 marks)
  2. The key strength of each competitor brand and current position in the market. (3 marks)
  3. Justified level of threat each competitor poses to The Co-operative Bank current position in the market. (3 marks)
  4. What factor/s are the greatest risk to the current position of The Co-operative Bank brand from each main brand competitor. (3 marks)

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