UMH207 Understanding Mental Health

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Assessment Task

Students must prepare and submit a PowerPoint presentation with audio/video recording for this assessment. The presentation must provide evidence of their understanding of the mental health condition and appropriate nursing interventions in response to a case study.


The global prevalence of mental health issues is increasing. However, many misconceptions exist about how these health conditions manifest, even in healthcare. Hence, there have been gaps in providing appropriate support and management, inhibiting consumers’ recovery.

This assessment enables students to gain better insight into the impact of mental illness in society and on the person with lived experience. It will allow students to explore and understand the clinical manifestations of the identified mental health condition, which would be useful in their clinical practice. Furthermore, a vital element of this assessment is to consider appropriate communication strategies used to engage a consumer to build a therapeutic relationship, which fosters trust and supports recovery.


  • Read the case study in the Assessment 2 area of the subject.
  • Prepare an engaging, informative 10-minute oral presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar software program, with a minimum of 5 slides to discuss the case You are required to talk to each slide and encouraged to use both text and images where appropriate.

In response to the case study, consider the following:

  1. Discuss the consumer’s diagnosis, identify the aetiological factors, epidemiology, and clinical manifestations of this diagnosis, and identify which clinical manifestations the consumer
  2. How could you build rapport and a therapeutic relationship with the consumer?
  3. What communication strategies would you employ to engage this consumer?
  4. What interventions could you implement as a nurse to support the recovery of this consumer?
  5. What other interventions would be appropriate in the scenario? Consider different therapeutic modalities (psychotherapeutic and pharmacological) and referral

Using various academic resources, prepare your presentation to provide insight, and strategies on how to best care for the consumer using evidence-based and recovery- orientated practice.


This assessment requires more than seven references. Use recent, relevant, and reliable resources to complete this task. These should be peer-reviewed literature related to the subject matter, no older than seven years.

It is essential that you use the appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing on the Academic Skills webpage.


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