HA2011 Group Report On Management Accounting - Assessment 1

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Assessment 1

Your group is required to prepare a report to provide advice on the suitability of the BSC for an ASX- listed company, which is selected by your group. The company selected must be “unique” and it is NOT allowed to be the same as another group.

NOTE - You must check your selected ASX listed company on shared excel sheet. If the company has already been selected, then you must go back and select another ASX listed company.

The report must cover the following key points:

  1. A description of your company.
  2. Calculation of Return on Investment (using net profit divided by total assets) and a discussion of the ways to improve ROI.
  3. A description of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and its key components.
  4. A description of the ways the implementation of the BSC can improve the competitive advantage(s) of your company.
  5. A discussion and conclusion of the overall suitability of BSC to your selected company.

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