BSB51918 Diploma Of Leadership And Management - Clustered Case Study Assessment

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Part 1: Case studies

Task 2: Scenario 2

  1. Recommend at least three areas of legislation or Plan2go policies which are relevant to Emma managing this situation to support effective workplace relationships in the team. Your answer should be approximately 50-100 words.
  2. Write a professional email from Emma to the aggrieved employee, John Jones, providing guidance and support.  You can use the email template at the following address as a guide This document can be submitted as an appendix to this assessment, or a response given in the area provided. Your response should be approximately 80-150 words.
  3. Establish an action plan to manage the complaint and potential conflict which may include both internal and external networks and support services. The plan aims to ensure that the issue is resolved promptly or referred to relevant personnel.
    Refer to the Plan2go grievance procedure and Plan2go disputes procedure to help create the plan. Use the headings below from Topic 5 from your Student Workbook to complete the plan in the area provided or submit a copy of a suitable plan (ensuring it addresses all headings below) as an appendix to this assessment.
  4. Write a simple policy relating to leave for religious/cultural reasons.  Create your own policy document or refer to the Paan2go  template as a guide
    Submit your policy via the learning platform or as an appendix to this assessment. Your policy should be 100-200 words.
  5. Provide a specific example of a time when you have adjusted your interpersonal communication style to meet an organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical environment. Discuss the result and outcomes and identify the areas for improvement. Your response should be approximately 80-120 words.

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