BUSN6004 Managing Information Systems - Assessment 3

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Task Overview
Assessment name: Presentation
Task description: You should recognize a current issue or an improvement opportunity in Sinclair Group and propose an IT solution to address it. Prepare a 10-minute (maximum) pre-recorded presentation for your proposed solution providing a description of the background, objectives, significance, IT project management approach, scope, benefits, expected deliverables, and the project completion schedule.
Learning outcomes measured: LO3: Analyse trends, developments and critical issues of information systemsLO4: Develop management considerations and scope operations to implement information system in various organisations
Due date:   Monday, 12 June 2023, 11:59 pm
Weighting:   30%
Individual/Group:  Individual
Length: 10 minutes
Task Details
What you need to do: 1.    Read the “Assessment 3-Rubric” file to understand how you will be marked.2.    Read the description, requirements, citing sources, submission details, and academic integrity sections below.
Submission requirements: Assessment 3 must be completed as a 10-minute pre-recorded presentation. The link of presentation should be included in title slide of the PowerPoint.
Resources needed to complete the task: 1.   SCU Blackboard2.   Online resources

The Business Case

Your Report should be directly related and relevant to the Business Case, which is the Sinclair Group. The Sinclair is the world’s first all-digital hotel. It is a hotel on the razor's edge of innovation in Fort Worth, Texas. Sinclair falls under the ‘Autograph Collection’ brand category of the Marriot Hotel Group, and is independently owned, while being operated under Marriot (Source: https://www.thesinclairhotel.com/ ). You can also refer to similar technology-based hotels for knowledge and insights.

Presentation Structure

Follow the below guidelines to build your presentation. The presentation for your Project Plan should not exceed 10 slides.

  1. Title Slide (Excluded from slides)
  • Please include the heading ‘Project Plan’, student details (i.e., student names & ID’s, and email info) and
  • The link to the pre-recorded presentation.
  1. Introduction
  • A brief of the industry/company associated with your project.
  • Aim of the project: the business/IT problem, need, improvement, or opportunity that your project’s deliverables/artifact will address when implemented.
  • Objectives and Potential impact to the business: You should outline the anticipated business benefits (competitive advantage, or growth potential or operational efficiencies or innovation).
  1. Project Scope
  • The list of key requirements, including Functional, Non-Functional.
  • Scope risksFunctional
  1. Project Management (PM) approach
  • In this section, you must mention and justify the chosen project management approach (e.g., Agile or Traditional/ Waterfall or hybrid).
  • Based on the PM approach adopted, you must justify why this approach is the best fit for your given industry project
  1. Solution
  • In this section, you will need an explanation and a clear justification of why you have adopted this solution to address the business need. (You will need to demonstrate the knowledge gained from the contents of this unit, Week 1-6 topics).


Assignment 3 addresses the learning outcomes in this unit in various different ways. It is designed to get you to critically provide your understanding on the topics delivered in Week 6 by writing about them and forming your own ideas and opinions. The assignment is built on the idea of self-directed learning through a combination of learning resources such as for example book, chapters, research papers, video’s, etc.

In addition to the resources recommended in each week’s topics, all students are required to undertake their own research and source information and content relating to the week’s topic through other resources.

Your engagement with the learning activities is critical to your success in the unit, not just because it is your assessment but also because it is one of the major vehicles for learning. Your task is to understand and analyze a range of topical issues around each week’s topic mentioned in the weekly Notebooks.

You are expected to undertake a number of critical reflection activities and to contribute on a consistent basis. Your consistency and quality of work produced will contribute towards your mark.


Assignment 3 consisting a pre-recorded 10-minute presentation (30%) to the management team to grant approval for the project outlining the proposed development and delivery of an artefact or artefacts (viz. project deliverables), which must be communicated explicitly in your plan. The artefacts address the organization’s (i.e., Sinclair Group) project plans.

In industry-oriented projects, an IT development team is expected to plan and execute a set of activities to deliver an IT artefact/s. This is normally in the form of:

  • Creating a new application or service (e.g., Website, Mobile app, Databases)
  • Modifying an existing app or service (e.g., an application, or a framework, or a tool, etc.) or
  • Experimenting and discussing the results of emerging technologies to address a specific business/industry/organizational need.

You must read, listen, investigate and analyze the issues related to the topic, based on the content provided in Week 6. This will help in articulating your thoughts, opinions and insights in the ‘Project Plan’ document. You must ensure that your contribution is relevant, offers critical insights and showcases your capability in planning an IT project.


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