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Moore (2019) discusses digital risk that an IT department put in business context, mainly through reporting on revenue, inventory and direct business impacts. In order to measure digital transformation progress, the Chief Information Officers are required to shift for measures that interest executive decision makers from the former operational efficiency metrics. Key performance indications (KPIs) are essential to measure digital business progress. The appropriate metrics to the business improve the successful business outcomes and potential key stakeholders.  The KPIs aren’t the same for all, a different metrics for every digital transformation that need to be industry specific at first and then organizational specific to be useful and meaningful. Coca-Cola is a shining example of digital business that has based itself on AI and big data. Artificial Intelligence that reside in vending machines by Coca Cola, help the customers to make their own drink with the help of smart phone (Marr 2017). 

The two significant key-takeaways that could be useful for career growth in digital business are customer acquisition cost and time to implement new system. For former, it is essential to properly calculate the money spend on acquiring new customer-either too much or too less can get market share to savvier competitors. Secondly, accurate time to implement new system is a part of digital transformation which undergoes changes as digital business is the ultimate goal. A technology driven company with its main focus on implementation of current needed system, retain its place in foreseeable future. 

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