ITECH3100 Cloud And Mobile Security - Report On System Discovery & Vulnerability Investigation

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Assignment Task 2:

Assignment Part A

For this assessment task, you will create a written technical report to explore one smart/automation system that has been applied to an industry or field. The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop your big-picture thinking, and to explore various impacts of the ever-changing IT industry.

Assessment Details

1. Search literature and real-world applications in your life environment, get to know one category of smart systems that have been applied in one of the following areas:

  1. Smart Home and Furniture
  2. Smart Care for Older People
  3. Smart Logistics and Retail
  4. Smart Agriculture
  5. Smart Environment and Ecosystems
  6. Smart Medicine and Healthcare
  7. Smart Roads and Transportation

2. Discover via Step 1, one specific smart system/device of your interest. Note that the chosen system/device must include mobile and/or cloud components.
The following gives a list of example systems, on which a collection of literatures has been provided on Moodle as the references

  1. Wearable Sensor for Human Activities Monitoring
  2. Body Area Network
  3. IoT Health Monitoring System
  4. Agriculture Product Traceability System
  5. 5G Application System
  6. Smart Home Robot

3. Conduct system discovery (on the system from the viewpoint of system function, architecture, access control, and communication, respectively, and prepare a technical report in the following structure.

  1. Introduction (new functions and applications in Industry).
  2. Review of how cyber-attacks happened to the smart system
  3. System Architecture (components, Internal and external connections, and key technologies)
  4. Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasure (space for Assignment Part B)
  5. Related works and summary (similar systems comparison)

Students can include diagrams and tables to present your information in the report. Report should be maximum 3 pages and should include title, abstract, and reference.

Complete this work by 3rd September and then discuss with your lecturer and start working on assignment part B.

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