92441 and 92456 Analysis and discussion On Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing

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Assessment Task 3: Analysis and Discussion

The purpose of this assessment is to explore the impact of “Transgenerational Trauma” in relation to "Black Lives Matter" and the ‘Closing the Gap’ (CTG) policy on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People’s health outcomes.

To complete this task, students are to analyse the impact of Transgenerational trauma on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and discuss their findings in relation to “Black Lives Matter” and the CTG policy.

To ensure all criteria for this assessment are met, please address the points below:

  1. Discuss what Transgenerational trauma is in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. To demonstrate your understanding, write a brief explanation of what "Transgenerational trauma" is in the context of the contemporary topic of "Black Lives Matter" (Approximately 300 words value
  2. Analyse the impact of transgenerational trauma on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and how the impact is addressed within the CTG policy. Your discussion should include the potential long-term consequences of the CTG policy on the health and social determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Your discussion here should refer to specifics within the CTG policy and supported with other relevant literature and statistics. – approximately (Approximately 600 words value 40%)
  3. Discuss the benefits of an Aboriginal client being registered with CTG and how this may have an impact on them accessing healthcare. (Approximately 300 words value 15%)
  4. Discuss as an RN, how you would implement ONE strategy to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander person experiencing Transgenerational trauma. (Approximately 300 words value 15%)

Application of appropriate terminology throughout the analysis and discussion is weighted at 15% of the result for this assessment.

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