Marketing Analysis: BodyBoss 2.0

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Product Overview

BodyBoss 2.0 is a compact, portable and total workout system that replaces the need for individual workout equipment and saves people from spending thousands of dollars. It combines all gym exercises into one single solution thereby working on their ultimate goal which is ‘Bringing the gym to you’.
According to the CEO of BodyBoss, Ross Oltorik, BodyBoss 2.0 is for everyone. Whether it is a new person starting his or her fitness journey to professional junkies, BodyBoss caters to all their needs.

Talking about the product features, it has a strong platform with evenly spaced posts which simulate any exercise and can be adjusted accordingly. The base is wide enough for any individual to stand properly and also has a layer of non-slip material to stand in place. The bands are customized for any height and has claws for protection. You can shorten or add bands to increase the level of difficulty. The most popular exercise that can done with BodyBoss is squatting with the bar. It has grip padding for comfort and the ends of the bar pull 360 degrees and shaped in a way to avoid excessive slide. Again, adding or dropping bands provides many resistance levels. 

BodyBoss 2.0 has more accessories to simulate more solutions with handles that will add weight. The more you add weights the more it is like adding dumb bells. It also had double padded wrist straps and door anchors to increase workout. Hence, it is lightweight and made with high grade injection for force resistance. 

Target Market Analysis

In order to market BodyBoss 2.0 effectively, it is necessary to select a target market who will use this product and are potential loyal customers. Following is how we can segment out customers:


This type of segmentation enables the marketers to segment their potential market on the basis of country or region, city size, density or climate. For BodyBoss 2.0, the main market is people living in Australia with a drive to live a healthy lifestyle and also people who are busy and find it hard to visit a gym regularly.

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