Reflection Journal On My Personal Brand

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Part A: Reflection on my personal online brand at start of BUS3DIG subject:

When I started taking classes for BUS3DIG, I had a little idea about personal online brand. But having a little idea is not enough, there is more which should be known about the personal online brand. There are several kinds of personal online brand and I acquired knowledge about them as well. I know what personal branding is, an action of presenting person’s own self to the outside world. When I wasn't taking this course, I used to think that branding is related to the business of selling manufactured products. Then I came to know that branding is not just related to the companies and business it also refers to the person. I have to have my own personal identity that does not have anything to do with whether I have an intention of starting my own personal business or I want to make betterments in order to gain more success in future and to increase the career opportunities. I discovered the fact that I can present myself using several kinds of personal branding like my resume which contains the personal information about me, it can be used. Moreover the cards of my company, my website or the webpages I run and also my accounts on social media provide well enough information about me. But the idea of using social media to advertise my personal online brand aroused my interest. 

I have read in different articles and blogs that the presentation of personal online brand of a person on social media should be constant and a person should be able to make a striking impression because a person’s career is also dependent on these and the failure in the maintenance of any of these characteristics produce negative effects profoundly on the career of a person (Johnson, K. 2017). Whatever I choose to post on my social media account determines my character which can either restrict or increase the opportunities in my future. I found out that majority of the companies view the social media accounts of the candidate before they hire them for the job. A number of candidates get turned down on the basis of the content they choose to post on their social media accounts. Knowing how these companies conduct checks on the profiles of the candidates before hiring them, I have made decent choices about what to post on social media and how to present my personal online brand. It is of utmost importance to protect my brand presentation for my future purposes. I came to learn that I should be very much careful when posting anything related to problems in work or about expressing annoyance about job on social media. I have become strongly determined to not share my opinions with other people on social media and most importantly not to take part in the arguments on the heated subjects on social media. I have also learned that it is recommended by some experts to put a privacy on the accounts on social media so that not everyone will be able to access what a person is posting or planning about.

Part B: Reflection on my personal online brand:

This course of BUS3DIG proved to be a lot useful to me because it gave me a sense of how much important it is to guard my personal online brand. Now I can use this knowledge that I gained from this course to guard my online brand by making the use of different searching engines namely Google etc. Now I will run a search on Google for my name, I will check my profile and will make sure to change information about myself wherever I think it is important. As my future ambitions are determined by my personal brand, so I have to be extra careful about what content I choose to upload on social media because my future means a lot to me and I don't want to have a negative effect on my career opportunities.

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