Reflection on My Personal Online Brand

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Personal Brand

Part A: Reflection on my personal online brand at the start of BUS3DIG subject

As a student who was starting as an amateur in the field of marketing, brand development was a vague term in my mind. Before taking the BUS3DIG class I usually used online platforms for gaining knowledge about current affairs, sports, gaming, and general knowledge about different trends. Personal brand development was not a thing that I had in my mind from before. Using social media as a tool for entertainment was too mainstream and I also joined the bandwagon since it was common in my age.

Brand development to me was merely related to the big multinational companies who were constantly trying to make a mark on people’s minds, using various techniques such as advertisements consisting of a different offer to attract the customers, competing with other brands, while generating billions of dollars in revenue. Their logos were the main focus of the people and that is what the brands targeted the most. I used to see the social media advertisements and get impressed by how they wanted the customers to interact with the brand, link themselves to it. Techniques of graphic designing in their posters, the engaging videos which often involved famous athletes, and actors even used to sometimes drag me towards the product.

That is when I realized how the brands work, how they actually use the online platforms to engage the audience towards themselves. Further using our favorite athletes and actors made me realize that branding was not only confined to the big companies, but also to the individuals who have built such a reputation that the public is automatically interested in the product.

After starting the BUS3DIG subject, I got to know what the term brand actually meant. Linking my observations with the course I realized that the brand not only was confined to the big companies but also to the individuals. Icons such as Cristiano Ronaldo earn millions of dollars over social media publicity posts for brands, this is used as a marketing tool by brands to attract customers. After getting to know all this, I came to realize that same is the case in the job market...

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