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Social Media is a fast growing industry and will be a more developed one in the coming years. Technically social media offers services online that individuals use to share content: photos, videos, discussions, sentiments and many more. Social Media can be used as a good marketing tool through its companies for businesses to expand or start their companies so that people get a know how what the firms are selling it (Drury, 2008). In my opinion, social media as a medium is really helpful for the firms to start their businesses or to expand. Now, most of the things are digitalized and the whole world has adopted the use of social media in their every day lives so by using different platforms of social media business owners can generate a good amount of revenue. In this report, a company of social media has been discussed that is Twitter, this company provides services like tweeting, uploading photos, sharing a post or a web address. This company is not extensively used like Facebook or Google and the reason is explained in the report. However, this website is used to discuss or put forward opinions and discussions that are political, economic or social. 


Twitter was established in 2006, this company provides services through a medium. This company offers its users with a platform where they could follow multiple other users or famous personalities. This is different from other social media companies where one user follows another, there is not a restriction that the latter user has to follow the former one. However, Twitter isn’t that much popular than Facebook or Google where Facebook has 27,000,000 users, Google has 18,000,000 users and Twitter has 8,000,000 users (Curran, O’Hara and O’Brien, 2011). Twitter is also used by academic personalities in or during their conferences, Twitter has the feature to post or tweet a status so it was observed that users were intensively involved in sharing and retweeting the web addresses (Raamkumar, Erdt, Vijayakumar, Rasmussen & Theng, 2018). Now Twitter has more than 300 million profiles, Twitter can help the users and followers to learn about each other and their views (Bagheri & Islam, 2017). People are aware of the on going issues or problems around the world.

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