Using Social Media in the Workplace to Communicate

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Background: Social media at the workplace can help increase the productivity of employees as it provides an informal medium to communicate and creates a sense of community in an organization. However, for many employees, social media can also act as a distraction. 

Purpose of the report outline: This report aims to understand if an organization can use social media for internal mass communication. 

The topic of the report: Feasibility of Social Media as a newsletter at a Law Firm. 

Purpose of the report: The report aims to understand how the internal newsletter of a law firm can be replaced by social media to increase employee engagement.

Intended Audience: The partners of the firm want to create a program where the employees are more aware of the developments in the organisation and can also be involved in various aspects of the organization. 

Background of the Organisation: Rockliff Snelgrove Lawyers is a law firm based out of Sydney, Australia. The firm was established in the early 1970s. The firm has been a part of some significant cases including 1997 Thredbo Landslide against the State of NSW. Currently, the firm has 11 partners and has over 50 associates. The firm provides legal services in several areas including business & commercial, real estate, bankruptcy, civil, family and divorces, and employment. 

Type of Communication Strategy to be implemented: Social Media at Workplace for Internal Communication.


In the main body, the following sections will be included

- Analysis of the existing communication channel

- Drawbacks of the existing communication channel

- Alternative to the existing communication channel

The four research resources are discussed below:

Resource 1

Name of the Resource: Florida International University

Type of Resource: Conference Paper

Summary: Instead of banning social media completely at the workplace, businesses must find ways to include it in the working culture as it has a significant impact on human interaction. However, businesses must clearly set policies to ensure that social media is used productively.  

Reliability:  Currency- The Article was published in 2012. 

                    Relevance- The relevance of the article can be inferred from the fact that the article examined the various process in which social media can be used at the workplace.

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