How is Canada tackling the current pandemic?

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The novel coronavirus broke out as an epidemic and later a pandemic in late 2019, which at this point has affected the entire globe. This has of course led to many health and economic challenges everywhere with different strategies adopted by different governments. Canada has also fallen victim to the virus’s spread. The decentralized government structure of Canada is often seen as it’s weakness along with extensive government healthcare systems having to bear the strain of the cases in the country many looks on as to how the nation would tackle this Outbreak. The Coronavirus has impacted all the countries in the world, every sector in the world has been affected due to the pandemic. However, the major sector that has been affected is the tourism sector, it has been stated that the main reason for the spread of Coronavirus has been due to travelling (Christidis & Christodoulou, 2020). The government of Canada should provide health facilities, financial support and should implement new policies about travel restrictions and social distancing because this disease is announced as a pandemic disease that is dangerous for the world. 

The response from the provinces and territories of Canada has been overwhelmingly positive as wealthier semi-autonomous regions have willingly made contributions and donations of facilities and equipment to those in need on an Inter-Canadian government level. The country has invested more the one billion dollars to handle the pandemic across the whole country (Government of Canada, 2020a). The central government from Ottawa has not enforced its regulations rather has given guidelines and support to the provinces that retain their autonomy over their healthcare systems and plans. Moreover, the testing criteria for many Canadians were not the way they expected, there are not any testing for the virus conducted across the country (Russell, 2020). We would like to see greater access to testing so that we aren’t left in a situation where there’s uncertainty around whether a particular person may or may not have the disease”, this indicates that the healthcare system is not clear about the total number of testing in the country and they might have missed the testing of citizens that might be COVID-19 positive (Rusell, 2020, p. That being said, what Canada has done so far is not nearly enough nor is it what should be expected from a nation like Canada.

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